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If you’re anything like me, you have sex on your mind all of time. Sure, free porn websites will do the trick now and then, but there’s nothing like the real thing. But if you’re not much of a ho-runner, you may find it difficult to find local sex. Haven’t been laid in a week? To me, that’s a serious issue and one that you should never have to suffer through. There are thousands of horny people in the world and there could be the fuck of your dreams living right next door. Put yourself out there in some of my ways, and you’ll be getting your dick wet in no time. Even if it’s been a seriously long time since you’ve had some decent sex, you can easily overcome this and start getting laid when you want.

First things first – get your ass on some adult hookup sites. Don’t waste your time with any of the ones that cost money, as they’re nearly always scams. Plus, there is never a good reason to pay to find local sex, so keep your credit card in your pocket. Adult Friend Finder is one of the top free hookup sites in the world, with literally millions of horny girls and guys wanting to fuck immediately. Some of the cyber sex I’ve had on this site has been high-quality, but I’ve definitely met some good lays too. Not every single person would be considered a ten in my book, but if the sex is good I couldn’t care what they look like – turn the lights off!

Now that you’re on a website, get a local hookup app on your phone. It’s 2015 and anybody can have a singles bar in their pocket – why wouldn’t you want a piece of that? Free apps like OkCupid and Tindr are awesome for when you’re bored – swipe left or right and find people to fuck whenever you want. You may not know it, but that hottie in the apartment down the hall from you may be dying to be fucked in every hole – look at those apps and find out for sure. Otherwise, look around, enjoy some sexting and get the deal done right. The only main issue with a lot of these apps is they are location based – meaning if you’re in a rural area, the options may be a bit more limited. Don’t fear – there are other ways.

With all of the technology in the world at our fingertips, it’s still good to go old school once and a while and hit the bars or clubs. Keeping your game going will protect you from laziness online – it may be easy to get fucked but the more you work it the better it is. I have a few local spots that I go to – mostly chill dive bars that have people with similar interests (aka single and trying to mingle). I’m not talking about singles bars or some cheesy thing like that – I am talking about places where I’ve had success in the past. Having a good rapport with the bouncer and bartender at a few different places gives you confidence – and others will notice. Live in a small town where everyone has already fucked each other? Try a few mini vacations into the city for some action on the town.

Finding local sex is one thing – there are horny people everywhere. But if you haven’t been around the block in a while, your game may be way off. You can swipe all you want but if you’re not at least a teeny bit chill and charming, it may not work out once you open your door. Make sure you’re not acting like an animal (unless that’s what they’re into) and be cool. Wash your sheets and have condoms and lube ready at all times. There is nothing more awkward than fumbling around in the dark – talk about a buzzkill. And if this a no-strings attached situation – keep it that way. If you start to act like a creepy stalker or – no! – a boyfriend, your fantasy won’t last long.

Once you’ve slayed a few hood rats, your confidence and skills will increase. I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t always a master of sex. Even the world’s most famous Casanovas were beginners at some point, so if it’s been a while for you do not fear. Use the tips above and don’t forget to keep it chill. Use the resources you have to make some shit happen and remember to keep your head up. Casual sex is no big deal nowadays – in fact, more people want that than you can even imagine. Don’t be afraid to figure out who – and what – you want and get it. I get laid nearly every night and my phone is full of fuck buddies that I can booty call at any time. You can have the same thing, as long as you do right.

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